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Why Spray Tan?

A tan can make you look great and feel amazing.
But, the health risks of tanning beds are simply unacceptable. Enter Smooched!
We use a line of organic solutions that feature natural ingredients. So you get a fantastic looking fresh from the beach glow, with none of the risk. We even customize, so
you can be as natural or bronze as you like!

What kind of solution do you use?

We use a top of the line, alcohol-free, organic solution that features ingredients like aloe, caramelized sugar, almond extract, cranberry seed extract, vanilla planiflora, CoQ10, vitamin E & vitamin C.

Our solution is a two part processor. First, a bronzer to give you immediate color and a good idea of what the finished look will be. Second, there's a developer that permiates to give you long-lasting color.

What should I wear?

Please dress to your level of comfort. Many clients choose to tan nude, or in their own underwear or swimsuits. We do provide disposable single use undergarments if you would like to use those.
Remember to wear or bring loose fitting clothing to wear home after your appointment. You do not want clothing rubbing against your skin and removing solution.

How long does it take?

Appointments: Please allow at least 45 minutes for your first appointment.

Regular appointments are closer to 30 minutes.

Developing: Our solution is a two part, with a bronzer to give you immediate color and give you a good idea of what the finished look will be. Then there's a developer to give you long-lasting color. We use an express solution, eliminating any need to keep the solution on for days. Please allow 2-4 hours for light to medium tans and 3-4 hours for darker shades.

What to expect...

Nervous? No need! We will work with you to answer all your questions, and put you at ease. Don't worry, you will NOT be orange, and your tan can be as natural or dark as you choose!

Don't want to take our word on it? How about Cosmo? Here are tips from Cosmopolitan on prepping for your first spray!

But will I be orange?

No! Never!
Tanning solutions have come a long way since the carrot-ish tones from years ago. Our solution works with your natural pH and will leave you looking as natural as a day - or week - on the lake. You choose how dark you want to be!

Why not an

The beauty of our custom process is that it's NOT a machine! The sun does not evenly hit your body. Our custom process allows us to go heavier where the sun hits and lighter in areas that don't see as much sun.

In addition, our personal approach allows us to contour your body - legs and torso will look more toned after your visit. Plus, keep in mind our artists can customize your tan as they go to be as light or dark as you want.

While automatic sunless spray booths are available, we HIGHLY encourage you to avoid them at all costs. Booth sprays just don't look natural and we've had too many calls where it's gone wrong!

How long will my tan last?

Typically a spray tan lasts about a week. But, it it greatly depends on how fast you slough skin. Things like working out, swimming, shaving, and exfoliating will all cause your tan to fade more quickly. Your artist will make sure you leave with all the info on what you can do to help your tan last. As your tan fades it will look natural but you can simply exfoliate any remainder off when you're ready.

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